The foundation of ASLAR PRES Döküm Sanayi A.S. dates back to 1979 in a 500 squares meter plant with two injection die-casting machines. Supplying various products to the continuously increasing demand of Turkish Industry, the company ever enlarged and in 1990 moved to its present 11.450 square meter building, which was owned by three partners of ASLAR. 3000 square meter of building is currently occupied by ASLAR increasing, updating and improving the production means.

ASLAR is proud of supplying products to the outstanding brands of automobile and home appliance industries keeping the importance of our quality and productivity in mind. ASLAR uses ISO9000 standards for quality assurance system since 1993. ASLAR has been audited by VALEO, AEG, BOSCH, HEMA-TRW companies. Currently we are supplying parts to six European customers in Germany, Belgium and in England. Our aim for the coming years is to realise further studies of modernisation and to be a "brand" in the international market with ASLAR's "quality", "reliability", "zero defect policy" and "on time delivery" stretegy.


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